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A strategic alliance that brings together experienced professionals, offering a complete line of business strategies and solutions, in one place, under one roof.


The epicenter of this department is in customer service. The team suggests marketing strategies and carries out mandates according to your market and your target audience, in order to convert your audience into consumers.


This department offers management and IT support services to meet all your needs. Our friendly, readily available team has excelled in the field for several years. Whether with a TechCare package or "à la carte", you’ll be well served!


This department's aim: to bring out the leader in you! Our team will get to know you and your team, so that you capitalise on each other's strengths. We can help you find the hidden gems in your team and build a pleasant working environment.


A division that assists you in all the stages of your finances. Get advice tailor-made for your specific situation, given by experts who know the trade. Have no fear; your financial advisor is here.



Proso360 allows you, the owner, to lay out your goals and your vision, to get a complete 360° view of yourself, your company and its needs. This insight leads you to identify your strengths, your weaknesses, opportunities and risks. This means that you can prioritise and create a winning plan of action to achieve concrete results. It’s been proven: business owners who take the time to assess themselves and evaluate their company noted significant improvements in terms of their leadership skills, the growth of their business and their success in general.

With Proso360, we evaluate with you. . We determine the strategies, solutions and actions to take. Always focused on results!

The best 5-hour investment you can make to ensure your success, both in your business and your personal life! 1 hour and a half assessment of your leadership skills, 2 and a half hour assessment of the health of your business and 1 hour for the action plan.


SME Business Appraisers

A business valuation is used to determine the fair market value (FMV) of a company. It’s a complex process that requires deep knowledge and reliable expertise. An expert in the field offers an objective and independent assessment. The assessment report gives you an in-depth, justified FMV, according to standards of the CICBV. A business valuation can help you in your projects and your business decisions. Close collaboration with other professionals like accountants, lawyers and tax experts, is crucial and adds value depending on your business needs.

Jean-Claude Desnoyers, FCPA, FCA, CBV and Certified Mediator is the person to help you. Give him your business valuation mandate.

Ask for a business valuation to buy, sell or transfer a business. For fiscal planning and reorganisation or in the event of a divorce, an assessment can be very useful.



Simple Commerce specializes in the study of the consumer, the design of e-commerce solutions and the integration of software tools that are adapted to the specific needs of businesses and individuals. Used for simple and complex operations, the software is multilingual. Point of sale (POS) interfaces, marketing tools and many features are developed to meet specific needs. A safe and effective product and a team to help you learn and manage the platform: it’s all you need!

With Simple Commerce, you will have everything you need to be able to sell online. Develop your business and increase your sales, that’s what we offer.

We offer a quality product, a website with an integrated online sales platform. The various features and fucntionalities are selected according to your needs and your business.

Simple commerce


Maxmedia lets you promote your business, your offers and your events in a different way. This innovative approach allows you to reach the consumer with a specific message. With Maxmedia posters, you can reach and influence different types of customers. Posters in bathrooms or in busy areas have never been so profitable. You will be in the back of people’s minds and will be the company they will think of when they go to buy. With an extensive network in Ottawa and Gatineau, you will find customers everywhere.

With Maxmedia, you will consistently be top of mind with consumers. Indoor advertising seen in a different way, that’s what they offer.

You can choose from several display templates to find one that meets your needs. Maxexpress, Maxdigital and Megamax are panels of different sizes, to fulfill whatever needs you may have.


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