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A promising start!

The first few days are major determinants in an employee’s decision to stay with the company for the long term. Not only do we have to act, we have to act fast! That’s why an appropriate induction procedure begins even before the first day on the job. Good supervision not only affects the new employee’s performance, but also helps develop a sense of belonging and attachment to the organization. The welcome and integration an employee receives is a good indicator of the career he or she will have within your company!

What we do
for you

Development of a welcome and integration procedure
Assigning roles
Setting up the evaluation structure
Interview questionnaires
End-of-probation interview
Training and sponsorship structure
New employee satisfaction questionnaire

Why use the welcome and integration strategy?

Did you know that managing the induction and integration process for your new employee is an important factor in the employee’s development within your company? Among other things, it can have an impact on :

The contribution of our team:

We work with you to develop an effective policy to help you stand out in the job market. What’s more, it allows you to implement best practices in line with your corporate values! By introducing standardized induction and integration procedures, your corporate culture and employer brand are strengthened, and become powerful incentives for recruiting future employees. Are you ready to welcome your new employee?

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