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Do you want to convert leads into customers thanks to Google of Facebook? Your computer no longer works and you don’t know what to buy? Do you need mentoring to guide you in your decisions? Does organizing a press conference give you a headache? Check out our services to learn how we can help you.


Marketing strategy
To be seen anywhere, anytime!


We analyse your needs and we offer strategies tailored to your vision. The strategy will let you know what types of advertising to use to reach your target audience. Your brand image is developed based on your target audience and your objectives to convert consumers into customers.

Marketing director
Here to make your life easier!


A marketing department to manage everything; that’s what we offer. Our department director manages a team that will deliver what you need. From creating content to creating a logo, through to the development of a website, you won’t have to worry! Just reap the results!

Marketing department
Peace of mind


The marketing director service will make your investment more profitable while offering you the services of the Prosomo team and the integration of marketing automation. We plan and establish the strategy for management of your marketing department. No more stress, we handle it.

What exactly do you get with your own marketing department?


E-mail management (MailCare)
Lost emails? A thing of the past!

technologies-gestion-de-courriel-techniciens informatique

The e-mail management service (MailCare) allows you to only have to reply to your emails. Installation on computers and smartphones is carried out by our experienced technicians. Server transfer is managed by the team, and depending on your needs, full technical support is included. See the two available packages!

Technologies package (TechCare)
IT is no longer a worry

gestion-des-serveurs-support informatique

The various TechCare plans offer support according to your needs and your abilities. Remote support, online backups, antivirus, installation of new hardware, strategic planning; choose what you want. Let us be the technicians.

Server management (ServerCare)
Say goodbye to data loss


We offer a new way to manage your data with virtual servers. With Cloud Technology no more need for physical equipment. Just to be safe, we create backups to ensure no loss of data. With virtual servers, no need to pay to repair or replace the equipment.

What exactly do you get with your own technology department?


Leadership and personality training/evaluation
Manage like a pro!


The DISC Leadership profile gives you a clear picture of your personality. Not only will you know what you are like, but you can learn to act and communicate according to the personality blends of your employees. DISC assessments allow you to become an effective leader, while still being yourself.

Sales training/coaching
Sell, learn!


Selling is an art, especially if you do not want to seem like a salesperson. Learn how to approach clients and the best attitude to adopt. Our sales training guides you through your daily meetings with your clients. Offer them the right product, and the necessary supplementary product. Offer your products and services worry free.

Executive coaching
Make informed decisions!


Our coaching services allow you to be supervised and accompanied in your business decisions. We offer you the necessary support and feedback so that you can ensure proper management of your business. We never make decisions; you do it yourself!

What exactly do you get with your own human resources department?


Financial strategy
We determine what you need!

finances-strategie-financiere-gestion financière

We will take time to really understand your situation and your goals. We will offer you strategies tailored to your needs. The strategy will let you know what types of services to use to reach your financial and business goals. A customized service plan will be offered.

Director of Finance
Support that pays off!


The Director of Finance service ensures you are accompanied by a team of experts. We analyse your current situation, set financial goals and follow up with you on a regular basis. Assured peace of mind.

Finances Department
Goodbye headaches!


A complete department that takes care of your business finances. Going through the initial analysis up to the implementation of an accounting system, Prosomo financial experts accompany you on a regular basis. Our department director is responsible for managing the team that will give you what you need in terms of financial information. A complete service to achieve all your financial goals.

What exactly do you get with your own finance department?


To meet your expectations


Prosomo allows you to have access to dynamic, experienced professionals, to offer you a complete line of business strategies and solutions. We bring our experience and focus on customer satisfaction. Our mission: develop long-term relationships with our customers. Complementary services under one roof; that’s what you get when you do business with us. The strength of this combination is added value for our customers. Our skills and our desire to see you succeed motivate us to work even harder.


The different services we offer allow you to have peace of mind. Let our experts deliver the result you want.


Write to us, call us, or come and meet us. We are always happy to meet you and to welcome you to our offices. Come and have a coffee and we’ll discuss your business needs together.