Prosomo Technologies is a custom department, offering management and IT support services tailored to your needs. Our friendly, readily available team has excelled in the field for several years. Our team is constantly looking for new technologies to optimise computer functionalities. Practically, you can automate your queries, reduce the number of daily tasks and save many hours of work.

Don’t play catch-up with technology; be in front of it and get a taste for technical assistance.

TechCare (bronze, silver or gold) are turnkey packages that maximize your investment by bringing you many competitive benefits. Choose from our “à la carte” services: technical support, backup and restoration, purchase, and installation of hardware and license management for antivirus for programs and emails.



Our team is always looking for new technologies to optimise your computing performance. In practice, you automate your queries, reduce the number of tasks and save valuable time.



Our qualified technicians are available to give you the help you need. Whether by phone, email or in person, you will get the assistance you need to solve your problem and get back to work.



Our team installs the best systems for you to manage your data. With a powerful antivirus and an online backup system, you won’t have to worry. Say goodbye to data loss and corrupted computers!



Whatever your needs, we can find the right equipment for you. We are always looking for new technologies so that we can offer you the best of the best. No need to worry, we also install it.

Let us help you ! 


E-mail Management (MailCare)
Lost emails? A thing of the past!

technologies-gestion-de-courriel-techniciens informatique

The e-mail management service (MailCare) allows you to only have to reply to your emails. Installation on computers and smartphones is carried out by our experienced technicians. Server transfer is managed by the team, and depending on your needs, full technical support is included. See the two available packages!

Technologies Package (TechCare)
IT is no longer a worry

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The various TechCare plans offer support according to your needs and your abilities. Remote support, online backups, antivirus, installation of new hardware, strategic planning; choose what you want. Let us be the technicians.

Server Management (ServerCare)
Say goodbye to data loss


We offer a new way to manage your data with virtual servers. With Cloud Technology no more need for physical equipment. Just to be safe, we create backups to ensure no loss of data. With virtual servers, no need to pay to repair or replace the equipment.

TechCare Bronze
Get a taste for technical assistance


This package offers you remote assistance for your technology needs. You will see that our services allow you to have peace of mind. Don’t worry, we will set up and manage the antivirus. The Bronze package also offers discount rates on our “à la carte” technology services.

TechCare Silver
IT is no longer a worry


The silver package gives you unlimited assistance, according to your needs. 50 GB of backup per month, per user, will protect you against loss of data. We take care of your antivirus, as well as your email, operating system and IT equipment licenses. A package that includes everything you need to manage your systems.

TechCare Gold
One step ahead of technology from now on


This package is the best of the best. Unlimited support, 100 GB of backup per month per user, and the management of your software and equipment. This package offers you even more. We review your telephone and Internet contracts in order to find the best ones to fit your needs. Let our Director plan everything according to your needs.


Workstation Purchases

Our team is always up to speed with the latest systems and equipment available on the market. We look for the best computers, printers and scanners that match your budget. No matter what you need, we will find the tools that will allow you to do your work. Our goal is to help you be more effective and efficient.

Online Technical Support

Regardless of the situation, our qualified team will support you. Whether by e-mail, by phone or in person, we will help. We will find the solution to your problems so you can continue working. Our goal; to get you back to normal as quickly as possible, while safeguarding your information.

Telephone Purchases

New technology means that we have more efficient phones. Imagine being able to answer your calls as if you were in your office, but from the comfort of your vehicle or home. Your customers will have only one number to remember and can reach you anywhere as long as you are available. No need to forward your calls to your mobile phone!

E-mail Technical Support

You no longer receive your emails or your customers are not receiving yours? Our team can solve these issues. We install the necessary systems so that your emails get to their destination. If you want to make changes or create new email addresses, we carry out the installation ourselves. You focus on your work.

Server Purchases

Your server is very important to your business. Whatever electronic equipment you have is probably linked up to it; Internet, printer, database. So do not make this choice lightly. Let an expert team advise you on the best servers. Security, efficiency and longevity. That is what we look for in a server for your business.

Technical Server Support

You have had a power outage and your devices are not working normally. Our skilled technicians will be able to find the solution to the problems. We repair and replace defective parts on your devices. Ask our experts for proper maintenance of your equipment to ensure extra efficiency.


To meet your expectations



To meet your expectations


Prosomo allows you to have access to dynamic, experienced professionals, to offer you a complete line of business strategies and solutions. We bring our experience and focus on customer satisfaction. Our mission: develop long-term relationships with our customers. Complementary services under one roof; that’s what you get when you do business with us. The strength of this combination is added value for our customers. Our skills and our desire to see you succeed motivate us to work even harder.


The different services we offer allow you to have peace of mind. Let our experts deliver the result you want.


Write to us, call us, or come and meet us. We are always happy to meet you and to welcome you to our offices. Come and have a coffee and we’ll discuss your business needs together.