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For many companies, technological tools are essential to the smooth running of their business. We’ve all experienced the frustration that can be caused by a computer that’s too slow, a printer that refuses to cooperate, or a virus that eventually takes control and prevents us from working.

Our qualified technicians are available to provide the help you need. Whether by phone, e-mail or in person, you’ll get the assistance you need to solve your problem and get back to work. Our approach is based more on prevention than on putting out fires. We analyze and monitor equipment to identify and prevent breakdowns before they happen.

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No more catching up with technology

Get ahead of the game and get a taste for technical support. Choose from our à la carte services for technical support, backup and restore, hardware purchase and installation, anti-virus and program licensing and management, and e-mail.


A division of qualified technology and data management professionals. We offer you expertise and knowledge in a number of fields, grouped together in the management of your technological media.

Customized services

We tailor each of our mandates to the real needs of our customers. We take the time to analyze your situation first. Achieving and evaluating results following our intervention is paramount to us.


Not only do we have experience with our customers, we also apply our expertise, every day, to our business. We work daily with technology management, and all the aspects that go with it. We’d like to share our automation strategies with you.


You can call on us for one-off needs, consultancy, project back-up or longer-term ongoing support for your technology tools.

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