The consumer is not always rational in his purchasing decisions. He will buy according to the impression he has of the product rather than according to its real technical characteristics.

Le branding permet de contrôler ces perceptions et de se démarquer de la concurrence grâce au développement d’une identité et d’une image de marque forte.

But what is a brand identity?

Imagine yourself at a job interview. You have two interesting candidates in front of you. Given the same skills and experience, who would you choose to join your company?

All the answers you can think of to answer this question are also the answers your consumers may have when it comes to choosing between two seemingly similar brands.

Your brand should have a personality, a philosophy, qualities and lifestyle that enable it to be recognized and differentiated from the competition. This starts with the company’s essence and values, which are reflected in its image and actions, and inevitably creates added value in the eyes of customers.

Brands concern products, services and even individuals. Ex: real estate broker, well-known personality, accounting firm.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for experiences. Products no longer simply meet a practical need, but respond to needs for self-expression. We’re moving from having to being. Your brand should satisfy this need for experience.

What contributes to brand image?

Layout style;
Attractive packaging.
Communication tone and vocabulary;
Style of photography;
Corporate actions such as donations, event sponsorships and others.

The brand image should be simple, meaningful and differentiating

The key to a brand's success
is its ability to be consistent.

The more a brand is true to itself, the easier it is for a consumer to recognize it at first glance. We tend to have more confidence in brands that seem familiar to us, and therefore to buy them. Being consistent helps to create a better perception of the brand and, in the long term, develop a loyal relationship with the customer.

“From the image to the imaginary”

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