Google Ads

Keyword marketing
with Google Ads

Every second, 2.3 million searches are carried out on Google. With Google Ads, you can buy keywords to rank among the top search results. Be the answer to the customer’s expressed need.

What is Google Ads?

By investing in Google Ads (formerly AdWords), you have the opportunity to reach users at the exact moment they are searching.

Show them personalized ads for your products and services, on desktop or mobile. This type of ad increases traffic to your website and in-store; it also generates more calls for your organization. Google Ads can be adapted to almost any budget, and is highly cost-effective.

How to run a Google Ads campaign?

Start with an analysis of keywords related to your business and the competition;
Buy several keyword options that you can assign to your products, services or any other words that are present on your website or social networks;
Determine your advertising distribution zone very precisely;
Engage users by writing short, revealing sentences about your products and services;
Set the budget you want to spend each month on the Google Ads platform. You can set a budget ceiling, and are able to adjust or suspend your spending whenever you like. You only pay if the customer clicks on your ad.

Google Ads is recommended...

To local businesses;
Companies sharing the market with a strong competitor;
For companies that sell online;
More so for companies whose products/services require online research;
For companies offering services.

"Between you and your potential customers, we want things to click."

Growth starts here

Analyzing keyword performance and developing strategies based on product type and competition is what we do every day. Let’s take a look at the best options for your business.

Introduce Google Ads to your marketing strategy.

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