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Web Data Analysis

The importance of website analysis

Your customers rely on your site not only to find information about you, but also to make transactions. Make sure your website meets their needs and expectations.

The website is often the place where all the elements of a marketing strategy converge: web and traditional advertising, targeting and SEO tactics, and social media placements. It’s vital that it’s built intelligently. That means relevant content, an optimal user experience, an attractive interface and a high-performance transactional system. If any one of these elements is lacking, it can explain the ineffectiveness of marketing efforts. The best way to find out where the problem lies is to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the data coming from the website.

What a website analysis report includes

Detailed profile of site visitors;
Web traffic source channels;
A report on site activity (time spent, number of pages visited, etc.);
Conversion rates based on defined objectives;
Site bounce rate;
Percentage of new visits;
Competitive analysis;
User experience analysis.

What we understand from a website analysis report

Which pages of the site should be optimized;
If there are problems integrating into the site;
Define target customers more precisely, based on page views and time spent;
Determine the effectiveness of marketing efforts based on origin and conversion rate.

"As we go along"

Growth starts here

By measuring certain indicators, we can make a precise diagnosis of your company’s website performance and guide you towards the best investments or modifications. Our experts in design, SEO copywriting and web or e-commerce platform integration will take care of the rest.

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