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Competitive Analysis

Stay one step ahead: ​
analyze your competitors

Take a close look at your allies, and an even closer look at your competitors. Carefully analyzing what your competitors are doing can help you stand out in your target market.

What is a competition analysis?

Competition analysis

Competitor analysis and intelligence is an exhaustive investigation of your competitors’ marketing tactics, whether direct or indirect. It’s not done with the idea of copying them. On the contrary, it’s designed to identify weaknesses that could become opportunities for you. Good competitor monitoring can also give you an accurate picture of market needs and expectations. It’s ideal if you’re just starting out in business, planning to launch a new product, or looking to reposition yourself.

A complete competition analysis

Identify your real competitors (primary, secondary, tertiary);
Performance analysis of competitors' digital tools (website, social media, etc.);
Research on competitors' offerings, positioning, customer experience, etc...
Presentation of an analysis report with strategies;
Any other element relevant to the context.

How can competition analysis help you?

Identify market gaps;
Adapt your offer to market needs;
Discover new trends;
Find a unique positioning.
Performance analysis of content strategy and automation processes;

"We don't want to scare you, but you should know that we can be excellent stalkers when we want to be."

Growth starts here

We focus as much on getting to know your competitors as we do on getting to know your business, and we use the data we gather to your advantage. We don’t just gather information about your competitors. We classify and analyze it, and then propose a tailor-made strategy to win or regain market share.

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