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It’s essential to be well equipped to attract and select the best talent for your company. Your company’s performance will inevitably be distinguished by the quality and commitment of your employees. A structured staffing process that reflects your needs and values will help you choose a candidate who reflects your corporate image. In addition to the selection and search for a new employee, staffing is intended to be a positive experience for all candidates, whether successful or not. A good process will leave candidates with a good impression of your company.

What we do
for you

Assessment of workforce needs
Job descriptions
Job posting and display optimization
Curriculum vitae analysis
Interview questionnaires and situational exercises
Personality tests
Drafting job offers and employment contracts
Compliance with staffing procedure standards

Why use a staffing strategy?

Staffing is a major challenge in today’s job market. It involves leveraging multiple tools to find the right employee who will share your mission and values to stay and grow with your company. The quality of postings and the choice of posting methods have a crucial impact on the quality of the candidates you receive. Set your organization apart through attractive job postings and successful navigation of the talent market! We can support and equip you strategically in your recruitment process, tailored to your specific needs.

The contribution of our team:

We work with you to develop a sound staffing process that reflects your organizational values and employer brand. We’ll work with you to explore the wide range of tools at your disposal to find the rare gem your team is missing. Calling on external expertise can also ensure neutrality and objectivity in your process.

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