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Audience Targeting

Addressing everyone is like speaking to no one.

Many consumers feel that companies are trying to sell them things they don't need. Learn how to speak to the right people with the right message through audience research.

The idea that a company has of its audience is often based on intuition or its own perception, and rarely on data. When you take the time to analyze who the actual customers of a company are and why they choose one product over another, it becomes easier to tailor your message and offer. Go in search of insight, the hidden truth behind their behaviors. Your customers already have the answers to your marketing problems, they are at the very heart of your strategy, so take an interest in them.

The Answers Audience Research Can Answer

What is the sociodemographic profile (age, gender, income, education level, etc.) of your customer base?
What are its interests, motivations and needs?
What are their attitudes, knowledge levels and preferences towards your industry?
Where in the customer journey are the friction points?
How and why do your customers really use your products?

Types of audience research

Search for internal secondary data (your existing data);
Search for external secondary data (databases and research already conducted);
Digital media monitoring and analysis;
Primary data research: surveys, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires;
Both quantitative and qualitative research.

"Tell us what you consume, we'll tell you who you are"

Growth starts here

With the help of exhaustive data, we’re able to build what we call personas for your company. These are profiles that represent the main characteristics (demographic and psychographic) of a segment of your audience.

We can then help you determine which segments or personas to focus your strategy on, based on their value, ease of conversion or frequency of purchase.

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