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Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Think of influencer marketing as word-of-mouth on a grand scale. Influencers by definition have a major impact on your customers’ opinions and buying intentions, and can help you gain high visibility.

Understand how marketing influencers can increase your visibility

Influencers create their own content; they will follow your requests and guidelines, for example by relying on your advice on how to use a product/service, and will take care of the demonstration through the various social networks and other platforms.

Some have a strong presence on YouTube and put together quality videos, others focus on TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram, and some only use Facebook. It’s up to you to define the best platform for your purpose. The trap is to choose an influencer solely for his or her number of subscribers and not for his or her added value as a brand spokesperson. Influencer marketing can also be interesting for brands wishing to reposition themselves in the market or give a new image to their products.

Influencer marketing is recommended for companies...

Who have a fairly wide audience or, on the contrary, a very select clientele;
With customers aged between 13 and 35;
Whose use of the product can be complex;
Who wants to change their positioning.

What choosing an influencer means

Define the campaign objective (awareness, purchase, sensitization, etc.);
Choose the right influencer according to the nature of your offer and your clientele;
Design presentation scenarios for your product or service;
Determine the most appropriate platform for your message.

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Growth starts here

Our team makes it its duty to monitor social media to stay on top of the latest developments. We can guide you in your choice of influencer by analyzing their audience and presence, and working with you to develop a strategy tailored to your marketing objectives.

Find a spokesperson worthy of your company.

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