Virtual CFO Services (Chief Financial Officer)

An additional ally in your financial management team

Hiring an experienced full-time CFO in-house can be a real challenge, especially for SMEs. One of the best options is to outsource your finance department to a trusted contractor. That’s why we’ve set up a Virtual CFO service: to help companies by becoming their right-hand man for financial decision-making.

Financial decision-making involves, among other things, assessing opportunity costs. What is worth the investment in time and money? What are the benefits of one option over another? What am I giving up by choosing this option? These are all questions a CFO can help you answer.
What sets us apart at this level is our desire to focus on the future rather than the past, but above all, our results-oriented approach.

Why use a virtual CFO?

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders agree that accounting is a necessary evil. It's not the raison d'être of a business, yet it's an important element to master in order to maximize growth.

With a virtual CFO, you can be sure of having a qualified and competent person to support you in your financial decisions.

When your team has questions, they can refer them to us, and we’ll be happy to answer them. The CFO’s level of involvement depends on your needs, and can vary from a few hours a month to a few hours a week.

Our aim is to develop a long-term relationship with you by creating a form of informal partnership.

What we do
for you

Supervision of company accounting
Analysis of financial statements and reports
Establishment of strategies, budgets and advice to maximize your company's profitability

Our team’s contribution

as a Virtual CFO

The Virtual CFO service goes hand in hand with the strategy and financial planning service. First, we set up measurement tools and financial indicators, present the relevant data so that we can extract the key information for decision-making, and then advise you on the strategic actions to be taken following analysis of the data.

Thanks to our business approach, we are already a trusted partner for over fifteen companies. We can be yours too.

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