Financial strategy and planning

Financial planning :
from reactive to proactive

Most business decisions are made on the basis of finances. Yet too few have access to the basic financial information they need to make informed decisions.

Often, companies only get the full picture of their financial performance at the end of the year, after the financial statements have been produced. For day-to-day decision-making, this is not optimal. With financial strategy and planning, the aim is to provide the necessary information in real time, so that adjustments can be made as and when required.

How competition analysis can help you

In some cases, we base a company's profitability on the previous year's overall results, or even simply by observing whether the amount in the coffers is increasing.

This can create a false sense of profitability due to an overly broad view of the situation. By implementing financial planning tools and key indicators, you can see exactly what’s going on in your business, whether by division or by project, on an ongoing basis. You’ll be able to make more precise analyses, determine true profits and make better decisions.

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Assessment of your financial management systems
Establishing financial strategies and optimizing the finance function
Financial coaching

A complete competition analysis

Our goal is to enable you to be as profitable as possible, by moving from a retroactive to a more proactive approach. Analyzing what you’ve done in the past is all well and good, but we want you to be better equipped to see what’s coming, and make strategic decisions now.

We’ve built up our expertise over the years, supporting nearly 1,500 companies in a wide variety of fields. While our role is complementary to that of your accountant, we want to support your growth and develop a long-term relationship with you.

Our business approach has already made us a trusted partner for over fifteen companies. We can be yours too.

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