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Email Marketing Campaigns

Setting up an automated e-mail marketing campaign

Emailing allows you to offer your customers a sense of exclusivity and personalized messages. An opportunity to create an intimate contact with your current and potential customers, whatever your budget.

Why choose email as part of your advertising strategy?

Take advantage of the evaluation of your consumers' buying habits to send them personalized e-mails, featuring products similar to those they're interested in.

By the way, find out more about what they’re really interested in: use e-mail to send out surveys and ask for feedback, which can then be effectively shared. Emails are also very effective for announcing liquidations and unexpected sales. You can even adjust the frequency of the mailing according to their interests.

Automated e-mails are recommended...

Companies who want to get closer to their customers;
To share weekly or monthly promotions;
To automate the sales process (payment tracking, subscriptions, login, appointments, etc.);
To improve internal communications;
For any budget, since you can adjust the shot at any time;
Increase traffic on your website or in-store.

What email marketing involves

Set up a database;
Automate certain messages;
Write personalized e-mails;
Planning shipments;
Create enticing content;
Redirect customers to relevant web pages on your website.

"Too much is like not enough"

Growth starts here

The key to a successful automated e-mail campaign is to always offer quality content. Let’s work together to create a strategy that appeals to your customers. We want your customers to look forward to your e-mail, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the wave of messages sent.

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