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Business Acquisition/Sale and Strategic Partnership

So that every transaction
is a win-win

From lead search to integration and post-transaction evaluation, buying and selling a business can be a real challenge. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Production of a sales teaser and transmission to a contact list

A corporate teaser is a good way of promoting your business, or the type of business you’re looking to acquire. It should be attractive and contain all the relevant information for the audience you wish to reach. We’ll also give you great visibility with potential customers, without compromising confidentiality.

What we do for you

Production of an effective, high-quality teaser
Sending the teaser to our list of contacts, as well as to entrepreneurs/people you have targeted who might be interested in buying your business
Provision of background information and contacts to interested companies/entrepreneurs/individuals

What we do for you

Recommendations based on offers received
Support in analyzing and negotiating offers received

Analysis and offer negotiation

Do you have a few prospects or have you even received a few offers? Great. Now it’s a matter of selecting the most interesting one for you! Our experts are on hand to support and advise you in your decision-making, carefully evaluating the opportunity costs. We don’t replace the experts around you, but we are there to support and guide you in your decisions and your choice of experts if necessary.

Business transition and succession planning

During a business transaction, there are many sectors to consider, including the financial sector. To support you in this process, we carry out fair market value valuations and assist you in the tax reorganization of your business. Having made several business acquisitions and sales ourselves, we have put together a business transfer and/or succession plan covering the entire process.

What we do for you

Valuation at fair market value
Set up a transition process
Support throughout the arduous process of transferring a business to a new buyer or to your successor