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Telephony Systems

Stay connected at all times
with our VoIP telephone system

VoIP telephony lets you connect your phone to the Internet rather than a landline. This option lets you make and receive business calls from anywhere, on any device.

The VoIP telephone system in more detail

Our lifestyles are increasingly on the move, and workplaces are dispersed.

It’s vital to find technological alternatives to keep in touch with your customers and your team. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology offers you a complete range of telephony services linked only to the Internet network. So you’re no longer dependent on a physical handset, and you can access your messages at any time.

VoIP system options

Extensions for each employee and department;
Use e-fax, directly from the mailbox via the telephony service;
Schedule working hours and vacations automatically;
Use of a 1-800 number for companies operating in several cities;
Audioconferencing and videoconferencing;
Direct number and SMS for each user.

The benefits of a VoIP phone system

Use the same phone number;
Setting up a virtual secretary;
Voicemail connected to your mailbox;
Low-cost long-distance calls;
Receive calls in the office, at home and even from your car.

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Growth starts here

Together, we first take the time to determine your real telephony needs. Then, the IT team will install and configure your new telephony system to suit your business. We’ll take care of setting up a virtual secretary, assigning extensions and all the other features you need. Fast, turnkey service.

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