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YouTube Ads

Gain brand awareness
with YouTube Ads

Reach 18-49 year-olds better than any type of cable or streaming.

The main objective of content writing

The YouTube platform, managed by Google, enables millions of companies large and small to present their stories, services and products in sound and image.

It’s a powerful tool for those seeking to optimize organizational visibility, or even increase brand awareness. Unlike Google Ads, YouTube is unlikely to generate a convincing return on investment (ROI) and higher sales… unless it’s part of a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a post-click landing page, tailored to your brand and message.

How do I run an advertising campaign on YouTube?

Choose the YouTube advertising format best suited to your objective (banner, video, etc.) Note that the impact can be very different from one format to another;
Produce or design quality advertising;
Determine your advertising distribution zone very precisely;
Choose the YouTube channels you'd like to advertise on using our interest, demographic and psychographic information;
Set the budget you want to spend each month on the Google Ads platform. You define a budget ceiling and are able to adjust or suspend your spending whenever you like. Also note that with TrueView, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad or views at least 30 seconds of your content.

Youtubes Ads are recommended...

Companies selling products with complex applications;
Companies whose products or services are little known to the public;
To communicate a strong message;
If your target audience is nested or shares common interests.

"A beautiful cookie jar, yes, but above all, good cookies."

Growth starts here

If you want an original, professional video about your company, we can produce the whole thing for you, including script, filming and editing. The choice of targeting and placement strategy is all the more important if you want to optimize your return. Ask our team to create a customized advertising campaign that reflects your company’s image.

Introduce YouTube Ads to your marketing strategy

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