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Beyond the facts and benefits of your company, your customer wants to really get to know you. Every company has its own story, its own history and its own personality. Tell yours!

Understand how to integrate storytelling into your communication strategy

People like to be told stories, and consumers are more and consumers are more inclined to stick with companies that share their interests and values.

Your customer wants to get to know you, and it’s true that many companies succeed in establishing instantaneous relationships with their users thanks to social media.

Storytelling can be used to achieve affective objectives such as creating sympathy for the product, generating a favorable attitude towards the brand or developing a preference for the competition. It involves sharing company anecdotes on different networks, drawing up employee portraits, enhancing the “about” section of your site, and so on. In other words, add a human touch, transparency and authenticity to all your communications.

Storytelling is recommended for companies

Whose products offer little differentiation from the competition;
Whose journey is inspiring or special;
Which promote a particular lifestyle;
Selling everyday products.

What storytelling marketing involves

Define the company's mission and values;
Work to create strong, unique branding;
Generate behind-the-scenes content;
Ensure that all messages consistently express the brand's personality;
Be creative, authentic and transparent;
Publish content regularly.

"We aspire to be for you a happy mix between your best friend and Ted Lasso."

Growth starts here

We believe that taking the time to really get to know you is the key to good marketing storytelling. We go to the trouble of understanding almost every detail that makes your company unique by talking to you, and we make sure that these come through in every piece of copy you write.

Let your customers know your story.

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