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Online Management System

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An online management system streamlines operations and helps businesses stay competitive. It automates tracking procedures and generates reports for informed decision-making. With this data, businesses can identify areas for improvement, streamline processes and stay on top of new trends. Implementing an online management system optimizes operations and helps businesses keep up with competitors.

What is an online management system?

The online management system is software that centralizes and optimizes all company functions.

The software presents itself as a comprehensive dashboard containing a range of customizable modules that cater to a company’s specific needs. The dashboard is seamlessly integrated with your website and email, facilitating automatic synchronization of data across these platforms. Any changes you make on one platform are instantly and automatically reflected on the other.

Modules on the dashboard

Customer management (customer account, history, transactions, visits, etc.);
Management of employee schedules;
Product sales;
Event bookings;
Activity registrations;
Invoice creation;
Production of a multitude of reports;
Content management (CMS): update your content, blogs and news;

The benefits of online management

Reduces human resources costs;
Limits duplication, loss and falsification of data;
Saves management time;
Facilitates operations;
Adapts to company needs;

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Prosomo offers customized software services for businesses to simplify their processes and focus on core competencies. Our team optimizes your online business and delivers tailored solutions that streamline your daily operations. Our mission is to support your organization’s digital transformation and help you achieve your business goals. Let us work with you to develop software that meets your specific needs.

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