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Social Media

Ready for a
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Establishing a social media presence – but where do you start? By asking yourself the right questions and working with us to develop a detailed plan, you can take full advantage of your visibility on social media platforms.

The key role of social media

Social media are no longer simply platforms platforms on which people interact with their their friends. They are places where potential customers expect to engage with different brands.

Beyond appearance, social media are now an integral part of a strategy, requiring time and investment for maximum impact. From the choice of platform to the type of content published, the idea is to meticulously plan publications to achieve pre-defined objectives.

Our approach to social media strategies

Preliminary analysis to choose the right platform;
Creation and implementation of social media account settings;
Audience analysis;
Strategic intelligence on platforms;
Detailed publication calendar with themes, audiences, types of publications and budget per campaign;
Campaign tracking, automation and real-time adjustments.

The benefits of content planning on social networks

Be consistent and coherent in the content of your publications;
Plan content according to the time of publication (season, holidays, current events);
Establish an optimal publication frequency;
Save time managing social media;
Generate engaging content.

"Let opportunities meet planning"

Growth starts here

With strategic social media planning, we guide you towards the best possible decisions for your business and your objectives. Thanks to our experience and qualifications in the field, we know what works with different audiences and take into account all available parameters to create successful campaigns.

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