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Customer Acquisition

Concluding contracts, maintaining relationships

Customer acquisition is essential to a company's growth. It's what fuels it. The ideal is to make the process as profitable as possible for both you and your customers.

Every customer is first and foremost a consumer, meaning they spend and invest in products or services to meet their needs. Before making a choice, they go through a more or less lengthy and rational process to determine the best possible option. The role of customer acquisition tactics is to orient, guide, inform and persuade the consumer to become your customer. To do this, you need to understand where they are in the process.

Our approach to customer acquisition strategies

Evaluation and optimization of customer acquisition costs;
Development of a strategy including the most appropriate tactics;
Analysis and research on current and potential customers;
Task automation;
Develop retention and loyalty programs;
Search for viable prospects for the company.

Examples of customer acquisition tactics

Targeted advertising on social media;
SEO and SEM;
Website development, design, integration and analysis;
Geofencing and Wifi Social;
Email marketing and query automation.

"We're practically your customer's best friend"

Growth starts here

The most important aspect of customer acquisition is the customer. Sounds obvious, but what it really means is that you have to make the effort to get to know them and understand their needs and expectations. Beyond empathy, it’s our years of experience in the field that enable us to develop effective strategies tailored to you and, above all, to your customers.

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