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Does employer branding ring a bell? What do your employees think of the company? What about your future employees? Whether you realize it or not, your employer brand already exists. It encompasses a multitude of elements that nourish the perception and image your current and future employees have of your company. HR marketing is a current and optimal strategy for enhancing and polishing your image as a company and as an employer. It’s an excellent recruitment and retention tool. Do you have any strategies for raising your profile in the job market?

What we do
for you

Global analysis of your workforce employer brand
Suggestions for enhancing your employer brand
Writing/revising your mission, vision and organizational values
Evaluation and reflection of your employer brand on your procedures, structure and job descriptions

Why HR marketing?

HR marketing is sure to attract better candidates who share your goals, commitments and values. You highlight the reasons why talent should choose you. Recruiting people who share your image reinforces your culture and mission from the outset. What’s more, not only do you make recruiting easier, but so does employee retention! Your employees identify with your image and values. They’re proud to be part of your team, and committed to your company’s development.

The contribution of our team:

Benefit from Prosomo’s human resources and marketing expertise to put forward your HR marketing, a key concept in attracting and retaining the best employees specifically for your company. We share sound advice for evaluating and building your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) together. HR marketing can be done on many fronts. We’re ready to build the pillars of your employer brand with you.

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