Logo Design


The logo is your brand at its simplest, the synthesis of your visual identity. It should be meaningful, versatile and instantly recognizable. A logo is far more complex than you think, so don’t take its design for granted.

What is a a good logo?

Every year, a list of the most fashionable logo styles is drawn up. The trap is to conform to the trend, because on the one hand your logo risks blending in with the crowd, and on the other it will quickly go out of fashion.

It’s therefore important to design and create a logo for its true purpose: to represent your brand.

The brand is that added value in the eyes of consumers; it’s intangible. The logo gives it concrete form. It’s both a sign of identification and a sign of commitment. In other words, it’s the seal of approval for your brand’s quality and identity.

In short, your logo should be...


The scenarios in which your logos will appear are numerous: business cards, posters, website, merchandise, etc. It needs to be easily adaptable to suit the environment in which it’s found.


Major brands refresh their logos from time to time to give them an up-to-date character without being noticeable. Your logo must be able to be updated without becoming outdated.


Your logo should have a direct link with your company, whether it’s its field of activity, its history, its values or its name. Almost everything around us has been endowed with meaning: colors, animals, shapes. Use your cultural imagination to create a logo that speaks for itself.


Of course, you also want your logo to be aesthetically pleasing, and you want to be proud of it. Your customers should also be proud to wear or display it, as they are your brand’s ambassadors to their friends and family.


Your smile, your handshake and your approach all contribute to making a good first impression. Your business card, on the other hand, is your last impression, the souvenir your potential customer takes home with him. Make sure it stands out, but above all, reflects your image. We offer a choice of papers, colors, renderings and shapes.

What we do for you :

Consulting and brainstorming
Business card design and choice of materials
Print tracking and management

Signs and kiosks

Are you planning to set up booths at a market, fair, sports or cultural event, or in a large shopping mall? Whatever the event, we can help you design your kiosk and promotional space: tent, tablecloth, banner, sign, parapost, etc. We also offer a sign design service for your storefront or to direct people to your store.

What we do for you :

Consulting and brainstorming
Design of kiosks and adaptation of the environment to the colors of your company
Consulting and brainstorming

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