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Television advertising:
reaching a wide audience

Television offers an advertising experience in image, sound and various dimensions, while a large audience gives you its full attention. A considerable advertising format.

Is television advertising profitable?

Some television programs remain a must-see for some of your audience. Think of shows like The Voice, The Real Housewifes or Monday Night Football.

Of course, prime-time programs like these require a greater investment, but in return you get a large audience watching live TV, simultaneously. There are, of course, cost-effective placement options for your company. Bear in mind that television is more social than other broadcast media: people watch their programs with family, couples or friends. So yes, television is still profitable if used well.

The benefits of television

This medium brings a certain prestige and credibility to the advertiser;
Advertising produced for television can then be shared on the web;
It's a mainstream medium;
Target by program, station, time of day, language and location;
Allows you to achieve your brand awareness and image objectives, as well as informing the public about your offer.

Television advertising is recommended...

As a complement to other campaign media;
For companies with a large audience;
For companies that want to stand out from their competitors;
To explain the appeal or use of a product;
Companies whose products or services are more complex in nature.

"To make your campaigns count, use the mass media"

Growth starts here

We know the media in the Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal regions well, as we’ve been doing business with them for several years now. Over the years, we’ve been able to analyze their impact on different audiences in the region, so we can advise you on the most effective placements for your offer and objectives.

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