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The technology may seem complex. However, if you use it wisely, some tasks become much simpler for you and your customers. 

Prosomo Technologies is a personalized department offering you management and IT support services adapted to all your needs. Our courteous and available team has excelled in the field for many years. 

We seek all the new technologies in order to optimize your IT functionalities. Concretely, you automate your requests, you reduce the number of daily tasks and you save many hours of work.

Our services in technology

Don't catch up with technology

Be ahead of it and get a taste for technical support. Choose from our à la carte services of technical support, backup and recovery, hardware purchase and installation, licensing and management of antivirus, programs and email.


A division of qualified technology and data management professionals. We offer you expertise and knowledge in several fields grouped together in the management of your technological supports. 


We adapt each of our mandates according to the real needs of our clients. We take the time to analyze your situation before anything else. The achievement of results and the evaluation of these results following our intervention are essential for us. 


We not only have experience with our clients, we also apply our expertise, every day, in the context of our business. We work on a daily basis with technology management as well as all the aspects that result from it. We would like to share our automation strategies with you. 


You can mandate us for specific mandates, consultations, your projects or for a longer term continuous support in your technological tools.

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