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Instagram Ads

Creating ads
on Instagram Ads

You’ve worked hard to build an attractive and unique brand image. Instagram is the platform of choice for showcasing your brand or products. Go ahead, sell the dream!

What are Instagram ads?

The Instagram platform, managed by Facebook, is adapted to tell stories using photos and visuals through different advertising formats.
On y retrouve des options de ciblage similaires à celles de Facebook, car la plateforme partage le même gestionnaire de publicités. Au-delà de la présentation de vos produits ou de vos services, il est possible de faire la promotion d’un style de vie qui vous ressemble. La qualité du contenu et des visuels est primordiale sur cette plateforme.

How to run an Instagram advertising campaign?

Develop an advertising strategy based on your objectives and your clientele;
Tell an emotional or informative story visually;
Reach 18-49 year-olds by gender, location, interests, behaviors, etc;
Broadcast under different ad types: photos, animated GIFs, videos, instant moments, etc;
Determine your advertising distribution zone very precisely;
Enter the budget you want to spend each month in the Facebook Ads Manager. You define a budget ceiling and are able to adjust or suspend your spending whenever you like.

Instagram ads are recommended...

Organisations et entreprises ayant une image de marque visuelle forte ou des produits et services qui captent l'imagination collective;
If the company shares revealing, aesthetically pleasing images or captivating videos;
Companies targeting people between the ages of 18 and 49;
To share promotions, contests or launch a new product.

"Good accounts make good profits"

Growth starts here

It’s important to ensure that your advertising visuals are striking and personalized so that users are more likely to click on your ads, or even eventually search for your company. The choice of targeting and placement strategy is even more important if you want to maximize your return. Ask our team to put together a customized digital ad campaign that reflects your company’s image.

Introduce Instagram Ads to your marketing strategy.

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