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Indoor and outdoor advertising:
a marketing communication tool that pays off

Indoor or outdoor billboards, advertising on buses or bus shelters, posters on the walls of waiting rooms or bathrooms, mobile billboard rentals: the city is your canvas.

Is signage a good marketing tool?

OOH is one of the media most appreciated by consumers, as they consider it less intrusive and more credible. While OOH is perceived as less intrusive, it is no less effective.

On the contrary, according to a COMMB study, Canadian consumers take action after seeing OOH because it can help generate interest in new products. Indoor, outdoor and Curbex-type billboards adapt to the environment and appeal to the general public.

The advantages of display

Media with a high frequency of distribution;
Enables online and offline conversions;
Curbex-type placements (mobile display) allow you to display where you want;
Interior signage (in bathrooms) creates an environment where attention is captivated and directed;
OOH advertising is omnipresent throughout the campaign period;
The format allows for creativity in keeping with the context in which it is set (in a bar or on a bus);
Possibility of targeting according to habits and lifestyles (pedestrians vs. motorists; bistro vs. family restaurant) and geographical location;
This medium offers an attractive ROI.

Display is recommended...

Companies wishing to promote events;
To build local awareness;
To launch a new product;
For food and beverage companies;
For companies whose products can be consumed spontaneously or, on the contrary, require major investment and research.

"Don't be fooled, just fall for it!"

Growth starts here

We know the media in the Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal regions well, having maintained a business relationship with them for several years now. Over the years, we’ve been able to analyze their impact on different audiences in the region, so we can advise you on the most effective placements for your offer and objectives.

Make OOH part of your marketing strategy.

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