Human Resources

Buying and selling a business

The human factor in business transactions

When it comes to planning a business transfer or merger, human resources are often left out of the equation. Yet HR is the main source of resistance to change, so it’s vital to include it in the planning process to ensure the success of your business transfer or purchase/sale. Employees, key personnel, the seller or the buyer – many people will be involved in your transaction, and can make it a success as well as a challenge! Whether you’re planning a succession, a merger or a smooth business transfer, we can support you every step of the way.

What we do
for you

Transfer planning
Analysis of stakeholder needs
Comprehensive questionnaire to ensure exemplary HR due diligence
Setting objectives and deadlines
Determination of tasks and responsibilities
Identification of key employees in the transaction
HR support before, during and after the transfer
HR communication strategy
Standardization and harmonization of procedures and policies

Why put people first in a business transaction?

Don’t forget that one of the most important factors in this type of transaction is the people involved. Make sure you don’t neglect the people involved in your transaction, but rather mobilize them in the face of change. Your employees and managers are often an integral part of your business success – you’ll need them!

Our team’s contribution:

Our team can provide you with support at every stage of your business transfer or merger process. Beyond the numbers and legal documents, it’s a buyer and a seller who deal together and build a relationship through the transaction. We have put in place several strategies and auditing tools that should not be overlooked during your business transfer/merger, to make it a success and ensure that the people involved are fulfilled.

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