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Facebook Ads

Creating ads
​on Facebook Ads

With 1.49 billion members worldwide and 22 billion ad clicks a year, Facebook offers vast marketing opportunities.

What are Facebook ads?

The Facebook platform transports users into the day-to-day life of an organization or business with targeted advertising.

Please note that when we talk about running ads on Facebook, we’re not talking about using the button to “Boost” your posts, but rather scheduling them using the Facebook Ads Manager. By using this tool, your chances of reaching users soar, even if they’re on Facebook to look at photos, chat with loved ones or buy second-hand items.

How do I run a Facebook advertising campaign?

Develop an advertising strategy based on your objectives and your clientele;
Target interests, behaviors, demographics and psychographics, age groups, locations or languages according to your objectives. You can also target fans of your competitors' pages!
Once you've found the most profitable target audience with your Facebook ads, it's possible to attract people who look like them by using Facebook's "lookalike audiences" feature;
Broadcast different types of ads: photos, carousels, animated GIFs, videos, etc;
Determine your advertising distribution zone very precisely;
Enter the budget you want to spend each month in the Facebook Ads Manager. You define a budget ceiling and are able to adjust or suspend your spending whenever you like.

Facebook ads are recommended...

To tell a story or create a connection with potential customers;
Companies that want to be part of their customers' daily lives;
To create brand awareness;
To share promotions, contests or launch a new product.

"How about taking things a step further?"

Growth starts here

It’s important to ensure that your advertising visuals are striking and personalized so that users are more likely to click on your ads, or even eventually search for your company. The choice of targeting and placement strategy is even more important if you want to maximize your return. Ask our team to put together a digital ad campaign tailored to your company’s image.

Introduce Facebook Ads to your marketing strategy.

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