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Google Display & Video 360

A continuous presence
Google Display & Video 360

Every second, 2.3 million searches are carried out on Google. With Google Ads 360, you can buy keywords to rank among the top search results. Be the answer to the customer’s expressed need.

What is Google Display & Video 360?

With its Display & Video 360 network, the platform offers the possibility of reaching users browsing the web, watching videos on YouTube, checking e-mail or using mobile applications.

Visual ads lead users into a sales funnel, eventually leading them to purchase your product or service. Thanks to the targeting and retargeting options and visibility potential, you can generate awareness, increase traffic to your website and expose your brand image.

How to create a Display & Video 360 campaign?

Develop an advertising strategy based on your objectives, your offer and your clientele;
Use text or combine it with images to highlight your products, services, discounts, slogan, etc;
Determine your advertising distribution zone very precisely;
Choose the websites you want to advertise on using our interest, demographic and psychographic information;
Set the budget you want to spend each month on the Google Ads platform. You define a budget ceiling and are able to adjust or suspend your spending whenever you like.

Google Display & Video 360 is recommended...

To share promotions;
To reinforce brand awareness and image;
To re-target customers who have already visited your site;
To encourage potential customers to complete their purchase online.

"Make a good impression"

Growth starts here

It’s important to ensure that your advertising visuals are striking and personalized so that users are more likely to click on your ads, or even eventually search for your company. The choice of targeting and placement strategy is even more important if you want to maximize your return. Ask our team to set up a digital advertising campaign tailored to your company’s image.

Introduce Google Display & Video 360 to your marketing strategy.

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