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Business Valuation

Make informed decisions
with fair market value appraisal

How much is your company really worth on the market? How much should shareholders or key employees be prepared to pay for a share in the company? To answer these questions, we offer you the opinion of neutral, independent and objective experts.

How much is my business really worth?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how much effort and investment you've put into your business to ensure its growth, and that's priceless.

The rest, on the other hand, can be measured and compared to build up a picture of your company’s fair market value. Depending on your needs, this can range from a simple preliminary valuation to an exhaustive analysis of all aspects of the business. Valuations can be carried out using profit, market or asset-based methods.

Determine the fair market value of your business as part of the

A block sale or a shareholding;
A block purchase or a shareholding;
Business succession;
Tax reorganization;
Financial planning.

Fair market value, but what else?

Are any other benefits included in the transaction?
Does the seller finance any part of it?.
Is there a preferential interest rate or a guarantee?.
What is the intrinsic value? The value for a strategic buyer?

"Don't just try to build a successful business. Build a valuable business."

Take your financial decisions to the next level

Always with a view to being your right-hand man in your business decisions, we don’t stop at assessing fair market value. We also offer you our recommendations for increasing the fair market value and profitability of your business. Our approach is results-driven and focused on long-term impact, so you can make the most of your financial decisions. We’re convinced that cutting an expense just to cut expenses isn’t a business decision. Let’s take the analysis a step further.