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Software Development

Technology at the service customer relations :

eCommerce and CRM

Imagine if it were possible to track each and every one of your customers throughout their buying journey, remembering precisely every interaction you’ve had with them, and understanding what their friction points are along the way. While it’s possible to do this with one or two customers, the task can become daunting when you’re dealing with a hundred or even thousands. Fortunately, it’s possible to optimize and program software that does it for you. We’re talking here about eCommerce platforms and CRMs.


Consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to buying online. Many abandon their shopping baskets because the purchase process is too long or too complex, or because the total price is not transparent, or because they don’t trust the site. The impact of shopping cart abandonment can be significant for a company, especially if most of its business is conducted online. Make sure your online transaction platform is transparent, intuitive and trustworthy.

What we do for you :

Setup and integration of an eCommerce platform;
Linking the platform with management and accounting tools
Optimization of sales processes on the website.

Client relation management (CRM)

CRM is customer relationship management software. It collects, organizes and analyzes customer data to build customer loyalty. By centralizing all information, you can track sales opportunities, trace all communications with your customers and serve them better. A personalized experience at every stage of the buying process helps you turn prospects into consumers, and consumers into loyal brand ambassadors. Put your customers at the heart of your strategy.

What we do for you :

Analysis of CRM functionality requirements;
CRM implementation and integration;
Linking the software to the online management system.

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