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Protecting your company’s data is a priority. We offer a range of solutions to ensure you’re never caught short with your technology systems. We listen to your needs to find the solution best suited to your reality.

Cloud Management & Hosting

Cloud computing is a physical or virtual space reserved for you to access services or store your data. This solution allows you to be independent of local hardware, but also to access and connect to your data wherever you are. Cloud computing also gives you greater processing speed, since it’s designed for large-scale processing, and gives you access to a large capacity of resources and storage. It’s a reliable and secure solution for managing and backing up your data.

What we do for you :

Installation and configuration of the cloud computing system;
Data virtualization;
Follow-up and technical support.

Data backup

Unlike cloud management, you retain your physical server on which your data is stored. We install a device connected to your server that automatically backs up your data and sends a virtual copy to the cloud system. This hybrid solution protects your data in the event of theft, fire, flood or any other event that could damage your server.

What we do for you :

Installation and configuration of data backup technologies;
Automated backups;
Follow-up and technical support.

Virtual workspace

With the advent of telecommuting and the more mobile nature of jobs, it might be a good idea to consider working from a virtual workspace. This technology allows you to access all your work tools from any of your devices: tablets, laptop phones, etc. You keep all your data, but are not dependent on physical hardware. You retain all your data, but are not dependent on physical hardware such as your desktop computer. A solution for your whole team.

What we do for you :

Virtual workspace configuration;
Follow-up and technical support.

Email management

With the tightening of anti-spam legislation in Canada, it’s getting harder and harder to avoid getting spammed by your customers or clients. We can help you set up a personalized, credible and certified e-mail address for all your company’s employees. What’s more, we can centralize all your activities, for example, by linking staff agendas, tasks and a shared drive.

What we do for you :

Configuring corporate mailboxes;
Follow-up and technical support.

Network infrastructure

Although fast Internet access has become a priority for businesses, network infrastructure requirements vary greatly according to size. That’s why we assess and advise you on the hardware best suited to your situation. Your computers, telephones and even printers can be connected directly to the network. With the right network infrastructure, you can communicate instantly and securely within your company, between branches or even internationally.

What we do for you :

Assessment of real needs;
Choice of technologies to implement;
Installation of infrastructure and cabling system.

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