Blank page syndrome?

To make your mark on the web and on social media, it’s important to be constantly present in our target audience’s eye. Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, etc. Being everywhere, all the time, is not obvious! Sometimes, we run short of ideas to create original and effective content. The danger in creating content quickly is to always do the same thing. Too much (bad or uninspiring) content is worse than not enough. If your content is not diversified, your subscribers will drift away from your brand! To convert a subscriber into a buyer, you have to engage them and keep them interested.

According to 72% of marketing specialists, content creation is the best strategy to increase SEO.

We are part of the 72%. To counter blank page syndrome, reuse your content.

Need inspiration to reuse your content?

Recycling content

The principle is simple: give new life to something you already have.

Think about the many DIY videos that encourage you to make lamps with your empty wine bottles. You get the picture? You most likely already have some online publications. Whether on your website or on social media, your publications have been read.

Use the statistics of a publication that has generated a lot of traffic (shares, views, reactions, time spent on the page, etc.) and rethink it! Based on the interests of your target audience, you can:

– Create a video;


– Segment its content to make “pro tips” to be published each month;


– Test your statements;


– Make a sequel or an update;


– Etc.

For example, if you are selling coconut oil (coconut oil is very trendy).

1. You publish on the “five most popular benefits of coconut oil” and there are shares on Facebook. Fantastic!


2. The following month, you decide to do a test with the fourth benefit “It seems that it promotes hair growth!” You choose a guinea pig and make a before, during and after scenario: coconut oil mask on your hair every week for one month. With photographs, you publish the results at each step.


3. You can then make a video that explains the best method to apply oil to the hair.

From one publication, you have created several different ones, without much effort!

Helping in the conversion

By taking up a publication that has already worked, you are sure to reach your target audience. You can reach more people by changing the method used in transmitting the information. When you reuse your content, you can adapt it to a new audience. It is also a way of producing relevant content within a short period of time. You can still reach your subscribers even when you lack inspiration. Your customers and future customers stay interested. It’s also a great way to reinforce the message you want to convey.

Do you want a clear and precise marketing plan that will ensure a return on your investment?

In the case of the coconut oil initiative, the goal is that people should buy it. What better way than to give information, test it and prove the results? It also reinforces the confidence your audience has in your brand. If you always find new ways of talking about your product and strive to talk about it such that your audience feels involved, you will win.

In short, reusing content is synonymous to saving time, being efficient, innovating and keeping your audience interested. In addition, it is clear that your subscribers will notice your interest in providing them with useful information.